Internet Marketing

November 28, 2006

Internet Marketing can be a great resource to promoting your online presence in this competitive marketing environment.  But how do you get your site to stand out from the rest? What is involved in making your business a success?  can it really be done? 

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Even small businesses need a website

November 23, 2006

Having a website is not just for medium to large businesses with numerous employees. They can also be very beneficial to small businesses even if you only provide a service to your local area.

Websites help promote your services and showcase your company. They can be a perfect resource for existing or potential customers to find out more about what you offer, get new product information and find the necessary information needed to buy or use your services.

Website Development for your business can prove to be a valuable resource for improving customer service, increasing sales and promoting your business.

Small Business Computing – Welcome

November 23, 2006

Hi, welcome to small business computing where you will find valuable resources and information for getting started with your businesses computing needs. If you have or are just setting up a small business or are self-employed and want to know all about making IT work for your business, you’ve come to the right place.